Deseret Alphabet Info

The Deseret Alphabet is a phonetic alphabet for writing English. It was developed in the 1850s at what was then the University of Deseret and is now the University of Utah. It was not a success.

The advent of computers and digital typefaces have lead to something of a renaissance of the Deseret alphabet. Interested? Here are ways to experience it for yourself.

Reference Wikipedia article
Deseret Alphabet Wiki
The Unicode Standard  (scroll down to section 20.4)
Unicode code chart
Blogs Deseret Alphabet blog
Books Deseret Alphabet Classics
Alice in Wonderland
Fonts Analecta
Apple Symbols (macOS system font)
Baskerville (macOS system font)
Everson Mono
Geneva (macOS system font)
Joshua Erickson's fonts
MBH 2B Damasne
Noto Sans Deseret
Segoe UI Symbol (Windows system font)
Webcomics XKCD in the Deseret Alphabet

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